Take care of your printed t-shirt

The rules to take care of t-shirts with slogans and prints are very simple. Moreover, they do not require special washing or ironing. For this, an ordinary washing machine and an ordinary iron are suitable. The most important thing is turning a t-shirt inside out. Doing it should provide more protection for the print, so will be less contact with other items you wash. As a result, all you need to know is which mode to wash and iron your awesome t-shirt.

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How to wash a t-shirt with print

Hand wash or machine wash are recommended in the temperature not exceeding 40° C (104° F). Cold water is always a better option here than warm water. Hot water might cause some damage to the print as well as the colors gradually fading out. Spin speed should be less than 800 (avoid aggressive wash cycles). For a hand washing turn a t-shirt inside-out, mix cold water and a mild detergent in a small tub, let soak for 10 minutes or more, then gently agitate for a few minutes, rinse, and let them dry. Do not use extra detergent, brushes or anything abrasive.

Take care of printed t-shirt

It is also recommended to wash white t-shirts separately or with white linen. Always sort your clothes by color before you wash them. It is recommended to split your laundry to three basic categories: black, white, and colorful.

Washing printed t-shirts


*In addition, the t-shirt tag will give recommendations on how to wash it. It is available on each t-shirt on the neck or on the side.

How to iron a t-shirt with print

Turn printed shirts inside-out before drying.

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The recommendation is using an air and not iron or machine drying, but all methods are allowed. Remember – a heat is the enemy of prints. Therefore, for a machine drying it`s better using the lowest possible heat setting or Permanent Press. Try to remove the tees early before the cycle ends. Ironing a printed t-shirt it`s also a possibility, but not the best idea. Once again, it is all about the damage that can be caused by heat. Never iron your print directly, if you have to straighten your t-shirt, turn it inside out and then gently iron. Also, go for low-temperature settings, you don’t want your print to peel. Anyway, the best and safest method of drying is air. You can put your wet t-shirt on a hanger to dry out. It will make it also look better and save you a possible trouble with ironing.

Ironing printed shirts

In conclusion, all our products are resistant to repeated washing and ironing!
All you have to do is take care of your t-shirt by following washing and ironing recommendations.